Benetton Guerilla Marketing Banner Advertising - Times Square, New York City
GoldToe Underwear on Wall Street Bull Guerrilla Marketing Company Example - Financial District, NYC
Subway Costumed Character Marketing Advertising Activation - New York City
Reverse Clean Sidewalk Advertising Company Example - Pittsburgh, PA
Videogame Release Guerilla Marketing Frozen Ice Blocks Street Activation - Seattle, WA
Video Game Release Guerrilla Street Seeding Marketing - Seattle, WA
Hip-Hop Music Album Release Marketing Activation - New York City
Subway Station Guerilla Marketing Advertising - New York City
Creative Mobile Billboard Cart - Midtown East, New York City
WTC Commercial Office Space Guerrilla Marketing Mobile Billboard - Midtown, New York City
Rodan + Fields Guerilla Marketing Signs - Michigan Ave, Chicago

GUERILLA MARKETING and Why It's Compelling?

Unexpected experiences help brands standout in competitive environments

Gets people talking and posting about your brand

People recall guerilla marketing stunts more than any other type of advertising 

Generate valuable brand content

Guerilla marketing maintains your brand's street cred


What is a guerilla marketing activation?

Guerilla marketing is defined as original, relevant, and attention-grabbing ideas that go beyond the norms of brand advertising in public spaces.

Individual agencies and companies use the terms guerrilla, ambush, grassroots, or stealth when referring to guerilla marketing.

The best guerilla marketing concepts are those that people gravitate towards, want to engage with, and share with friends. 

Due to the never-been-done-before nature of guerilla marketing, companies typically implement concepts without asking permission from cities, events, and property owners.

Guerilla marketing concepts can be a standalone installation, involving performances, or spread throughout a city.

Guerilla remains a rising form of marketing as one-of-a-kind activations attract consumers, drive organic social media, and provide valuable content for brand purposes. 


Guerilla marketing strategy checklist:

1.) Set goals

2.) Be original

3.) Make it participatory

4.) Leverage local cityscape and culture

5.) Scout locations before your guerilla activation

6.) Ensure concept is in line with brand positioning 

7.) Integrate a brand message

8.) Delight and benefit the public

9.) Document everything for social media

10.) Measure results


ALT TERRAIN assists brands with a wide variety of guerilla marketing needs ranging from ideation to fabrication to execution in multiple cities simultaneously

We offer guerilla marketing services in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, New Orleans, Minneapolis, San Diego, New Jersey, and Washington DC.

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Get your guerilla on!

Guerilla marketing definitions and strategies:

Street Guerilla Marketing

Street guerrilla marketing are activations that leverage the public areas or cityscape (e.g. sidewalks, walls, bus stops, transit stations, etc.) to create a unique brand presence via creative, often temporary, brand  marketing signage, performances, and installations. 

Indoor Guerilla Marketing

Indoor Guerilla Marketing is defined as executing marketing activations inside publicly accessible, private property locations such as transit stations, college campuses and retailers.

It encompasses activations ranging from flash mob performances to signage placement.

Indoor guerilla marketing is often difficult to execute as privately operated locations (e.g. subways, parks, malls, etc.) typically have security that notices out of the ordinary activities.

Event Ambush Guerilla Marketing

Event Ambush Guerilla Marketing is defined by executing marketing activations inside or outside large events such as sports areas, festivals and/or trade show conventions without permission.

The aim is to associate a brand with the event and/or connect with consumers attending a specific event without paying traditional sponsorship fees.

This form of guerilla marketing is often challenging as many events have assigned security on the lookout for any unauthorized marketing activities, plus large events (e.g. Super Bowl, SXSW, X Games, etc.) coordinate with cities to create ‘advertising free or clean zone’ to protect official sponsors.

Experiential Guerilla Marketing

Experiential Guerilla Marketing can either be indoor, outdoor or ambush, however the execution is dependent upon public engagement and often participation.

Experiential Guerrilla Marketing can range from an unauthorized sidewalk pop-up shop to a scavenger hunt throughout a city.

Guerilla Marketing Examples

Benetton Guerilla Marketing Banner Advertising - Times Square, New York City

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Videogame Release Guerilla Marketing Frozen Ice Blocks Street Activation - Seattle, WA


WTC Commercial Office Space Guerrilla Marketing Mobile Billboard - Midtown, New York City

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