New York State Ski Resort Marketing Activation Inside Mall - King of Prussia, PA
New York State Ski Resort Marketing Activation Inside Mall - King of Prussia, PA
Kipling Mall Marketing Street Team Activation - Los Angeles
Make Up Forever Mall Street Team Activation - King of Prussia Mall, PA
Louis Kemp Frozen Seafood Inside Mall Marketing Activation - Northshore, MA
Louis Kemp Frozen Seafood Mall Marketing Activation - Northshore, MA
Darigold Cheese Product Sampling Inside Mall - Seattle, WA

MALL + INDOOR MARKETING and Why It's Effective?

When it's cold outside, engage people at malls, transit stations, and nightspots

Offers a captive audience for brand activities, conversations, and demos

Reach audiences based on lifestyle and interests

Connect brand with people seeking experiences 

Generate fun social media content



Mall and indoor marketing is the experiential engagement of people inside malls, music venues, transit stations, local bars, and host of other locations. 

Activities can range from product sampling to brand-themed games to Instagramable installations.

Ideally, indoor marketing activations enhance a person's experience at the location. 

Mall and indoor venue marketing is activated with the permission of the location.

ALT TERRAIN secures indoor activations locations based on your desired audience, city, concept, and objectives.

Each type of indoor venue location offers its unique benefits, for example:

1.) Nightlife venues provide opportunities to connect with local influencers, creatives, and those actively engaged in city culture, plus target people based on particular interests (e.g. indie rock, jazz spots, arcade bars, country music, etc.) 

2.) Malls offering marketing opportunities to engage with suburban families

3.) Transit stations allow brands to connect with professionals working in certain business districts

In general, Mall and Indoor Marketing provides a captive audience which tends to be a more intimate environment than many outdoor venues.

Indoor venue marketing is essential for brands desiring a year-round to connect with people, especially during the cold winter months in the Northeast and Midwest.

Get intimate with indoor!