Mobile Fitness Studio Experiential Marketing Vehicle Activation - Astor Place, NYC
Samsung Tablet Mobile Experiential Markteing Vehicle Activation - San Francisco
Samsung Mobile Marketing Tour Vehicle Example - Near North Side, Chicago
Frozen Pancake Experiential Marketing Product Sampling Vehicle - Los Angeles, CA
Supermarket Experiential Marketing Vehicle Tour - Atlanta, GA
Katy Perry Fragrance Experiential Marketing Vehicle - Midtown, New York City
AT&T DirecTV Event Marketing Video Screen Vehicle - Boston, MA
Samsung Galaxy Mobile Experiential Marketing Tour - Lincoln Park, Chicago
Experiential Marketing Mobile McDonald's Billboard - Cape Cod, MA


Bring your brand experience directly to the people

Create on-the-street eventful marketing activations

Take your brand on a coast-to-coast tour

Activate on-the-street or inside events

Generate city-specific content for social



Transform trucks, trailers, vans, Airstreams and SUV into standout consumer engagement experiences.

Deploy Experiential Marketing Vehicles on-the-street as well as inside festivals.

They allow brands the opportunity to bring their brand experience ideas to the people in a stand-out, memorable way. 

In large cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, and Washington DC experiential vehicle activations generate thousands of engagements, plus tens of thousands of brand impressions per day. 

One benefit of deploying experiential marketing vehicles on the streets is that they often don't require city permits.

Activating inside festivals, outside retail stores, and in arena parking lots do require permission from venues and cities.

Often experiential vehicle brand experiences are leveraged as part of public relations or social media initiatives.

Most promotional activations include; exterior vinyl wrap, server window or way for people to walk-up into the vehicle, 3D signage, product sampling, demonstrations, performances, and consumer activities.

ALT TERRAIN assists experiential marketing vehicle ideation, design, planning, vehicle sourcing, customization, tour logistics, staffing, insurance, activation, management, and reporting.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for experiential marketing vehicle ideas, strategies, pricing, and company examples.

Hit the road!


Experiential Marketing SUV with Rooftop Installation

Converting an SUV or van with a rooftop installation is the most common type of experiential marketing vehicle as they provide the most cost-effective way to provide a noticeable on-the-street presence, versatility in terms of transit and parking, plus decent storage for consumer giveaways or activation props.

Experiential Marketing Van or Truck

Step-vans (also known as food truck-style vehicle) and trucks are often equipped and deployed for on-the-street and in-event experiential activations. They allow for a lot of space to wrap to create a noticeable advertising presence, large storage for event activation elements, plus often a large server window as a means to engage consumers. Step-vans can also be converted to allow the public to walk-up inside them to act as a mobile showroom and/or pop-up shop.

Experiential Marketing Trailer

Trailers are defined as the conversion of an enclosed vehicle trailer to serve as a consumer engagement space for brand experiences. The drawback of trailers as they are too large to deploy on the public streets so they are most widely leveraged at music festivals, sports arenas, and other city events.

Experiential Marketing Vehicle Examples

DeWafelbakkers Frozen Pancake Mobile Marketing Activation Tour- Atlanta, GA

DeWafelbakkers Pancakes

Converse Mobile Pop-Up Shop Marketing Activation - Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Samsung Experiential Marketing Tour Truck - Chicago

Samsung Galaxy