Samsung Galaxy Mobile Marketing Vehicle Truck Tour - Chicago
DeWafelbakkers Frozen Pancake Mobile Marketing Activation Tour- Atlanta, GA
Frozen Food Pancakes Mobile Marketing Activation Tour - Los Angeles
Fort Lauderdale Tourism Mobile Marketing Showcase Vehicle - Marketing Vehicle - Times Square, New York City
LG Smartphone Mobile Marketing Tour - New York City

MARKETING TOUR and Why It's Worth It

Reach people nationwide via brand experience mobile tour

Create brand anticipation and engagement in each city

Leverage your experiential marketing investment over multiple cities

Align your brand with summer festivals, sports events, and concerts

Generate city-specific brand content for social

Demonstrate mobile tour effectiveness via brand reach, engagement, and sales


What is a mobile marketing tour?

The definition of a marketing tour is the creation, planning, production, transport, and activation of an experiential brand event, in multiple cities, over a designated time.

It typically involves a branded vehicle, tents, stages, lounge area, ambassadors, performers, and custom experiential marketing activities.

Summer tours are a particularly popular time for experiential tours due to amicable weather and a plethora of festivals in every city.

Mobile marketing tours align brands with the highlight of people's year; vacations with friends, music festivals, and sports events.

Additionally, they are activated in city business districts, public parks, concerts, beaches, stadiums, and malls.

Plan ahead, marketing tours take three months to refine concepts, produce event elements, schedule planning, securing permits, staff, plus coordinate a host of other activation elements such as influencer integration and public relations activities.

Marketing tours are expensive to produce and manage; in turn, brands leverage their investment via local Instagram ads, street poster advertising, public relations, influencer amplification, and social media.


Mobile marketing tour strategy checklist:


1.) Understand your goals and KPIs

2.) Make a list of cities you would like to tour

3.) Research activation locations in each city frequented by your ideal audience

4.) Select a tour vehicle that fits your transport as well as activation needs

5.) Allocate three months for the production of tour vehicles and experiential elements

6.) Develop inherently sharable, brand-centric experiential activities 

7.) Assign a tour driver, onsite activation manager, and production assistant

8.) Budget for a follow-along vehicle, fuel, tolls, food & lodging, vehicle maintenance, and secure nightly parking

9.) Source and train local brand ambassadors

10.) Have a manager onsite during activations

11.) Promote tour before its arrival in cities

12.) Integrate local influencers

13.) Document and disseminate content

14.) Allocate ample time for travel between cities

15.) Whenever possible, scout event locations before activation day

16.) Insure vehicles, staff, public, and venues with a $3,000,000+ of coverage


Note a marketing tour can be as simple as a single experiential marketing vehicle deployed on the streets of New York City and Los Angeles or as complex as a pop-up container shop that visits a music festivals throughout the summer.

The best cities for outdoor mobile marketing tour activations are those with a high concentration of pedestrian traffic such as New York City, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, St. Louis, Seattle, and San Francisco.


ALT TERRAIN assists both agencies and brands with:


1.) Marketing tour ideas

2.) Location planning and scouting

3.) Producing tour vehicles and activities

4.) Location and festival permit process

5.) Brand ambassador staffing and training

6.) Transport logistics

7.) Outfit/costume design and production

8.) Vehicle and event liability insurance

9.) Event security

10.) Onsite management

11.) Tour management, reporting, and analysis


We’re big believers in marketing tours as a way to bring brands to people nationwide.

Although due to the considerable costs associated with tour vehicle build-out, transport, venue permits, insurance, event staffing, this marketing approach needs to be well planned and leveraged many ways to make it a worthwhile investment.


Hit the road!