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MOBILE POP-UP and Why It's Popular?

Mobile pop-ups shops are versatile, activate them in cities, festivals, and venues

Showcase unique experiences inside and outside the marketing vehicle

Popup shop marketing vehicles reach places where people shop, work and play

Share your brand story, drive engagement, and create sales

Pop-up marketing activations create an endless stream of brand content


What is a mobile pop-up marketing?

Mobile pop-ups are defined as a walk-in, mobile, experiential marketing showroom vehicles to connect with new audiences, memorable experiences, and generate sales.

They are also known as showroom vehicles, glass wall trucks, retail trailers, and showcase mobile billboards.

Typically mobile pop-up shops act as brand activation environments to showcase products, immerse people in multi-sensory experiences, and to incentivize purchases.

Moreover, they offer the opportunity to share your brand story in unforgettable ways. 

Mobile Pop-ups create tens of thousands of brand impressions daily in large cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.


The advantages of deploying a mobile pop-up shop:

1.) Brings a brand highly visibility in target neighborhoods, events, and venues

2.) Offers opportunity to bring brand experiences to new audiences 

3.) Flexibility and versatility compared to a site-specific traditional popup

4.) Less complicated, and costly, than shipping container popup shops

5.) Easily integrate video screens, performances, influencers, brand ambassadors, and brand activities


Mobile pop-up shop marketing ideas and strategies:

1.) Leverage as a multi-sensory space for brand releases, collaborations, and meet-and-greets 

2.) Create and promote a mobile tour 

3.) Stream activations and use geotargeted Instagram ads to expand the local reach

3.) Activate near competitors or company prospects 

4.) Integrate influencers and local press

5.) Utilize as part of a larger experiential marketing event (e.g. Times Square, at festivals, inside trade shows, etc.)


Mobile pop-ups experiential marketing vehicles are available in cities in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and many other cities.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for mobile popup shop ideas, strategies, pricing, and company examples.

Popup for the people!

MOBILE POP-UP styles, definitions, and information:

Mobile Popup Truck

Mobile Pop-up Truck is defined as a box truck outfitted with glass walls for people to see inside, exterior vinyl wrap for branding, and custom interior build-out to showcase brand products or experiences.   

Mobile Pop-up Truck include stairs for people to enter from the rear of the vehicle.

Typically city parking permits, sidewalk marketing, and/or vending permits are secured for large truck Mobile Popup Truck activations.

Mobile Popup Camper

Mobile Popup Camper is a cute, trendy, trailer outfitted to serve as a platform for brand experiences.

It is smaller, more intimate space than a truck.

The camper popup can be  equipped with boutique shop shelves, product displays, iPads, music, lounge seating, brand ambassadors and other elements for guests to experience.

Mobile Popup Shop Van/SUV

A Mobile Popup Van/SUV can vary from a food truck-style van to a SUV customized to serve as a popup shop.

Typically people cannot walk inside the popup, however they engage via a vending / serving window and displays on the side of the vehicle.

The benefit of Van/SUV-style popup shop is they are more versatile in terms of activating in cities streets due to their size and maneuverability.