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Pride Festival Marketing and Why It's Essential

Pride is what your customers and community immensely value

Share your LGBTQIA+ brand stories and contributions

Create one-of-a-kind Pride Fest experiences people embrace and share

Every major city hosts a Pride festival with opportunities for brands to participate

Meet new customers and establish stronger bonds with existing ones


What is Pride festival marketing?

Pride Month and festivals are times for brands to amplify their ongoing commitment to LGBTQ+ awareness, support, and equality.

They are opportunities for brands to celebrate the complex and diverse fabric of their communities with customers and company staff.

Marketing at Pride festivals takes many forms of experiential marketing and outdoor advertising - from participating in parade marches, activation booths, retail store takeovers to citywide outdoor advertising like mobile billboards and mobile showrooms.

Activations become a true expression of a company and its staff's values and commitments to making the world more accepting and inclusive.

In turn, the benefits of Pride marketing initiatives for your brand are stronger relationships, wonderful content, and brand advocacy.

Pride Month and festivals encompass the LGBTQIA+ community, allies, organizations, and municipalities across.

Smart brands partner strategically with organizations that are aligned with their vision and goals to expand reach and impact.

Cities, large and small, host Pride festivals with opportunities for sponsorship and brand participation.

Pride marketing isn't solely a one-and-done activity and it shouldn't be; connecting authentically with consumers means investing in the relationship.  

Make a concentrated effort to express support not only during the whole month of June but continue strengthening those ties throughout the year.

How does your brand amplify your activations?  Layer your experiential marketing in the field and enhance your activation via social media, influencer integration, employee involvement, and digital advertising initiatives.

Whether your brand is a business providing services or offering consumer goods, your brand's company and its friends and families reflect the diversity and inclusion you support.  

All brands have the opportunity to explore brand activisim and use it to express their corporate identity, vision and values.

If your brand has a retail store, office, or other physical presence in a city, Pride marketing is even more vital to connect with the local community.

Internally, education and awareness are the first steps.  Now, you're ready to take the next steps.

Participate because it's what you value.  Do it because being an ally is who you are as a company.


ALT TERRAIN helps companies with the following Pride marketing services:


1.) Develop real-world ideas to express your Pride 

2.) Strategies to spread your brand's Pride beyond the activation 

3.) Contracting with Pride festival organizations 

4.) Production of event assets, swag, outfits, etc. 

5.) Staff to ensure your brand is properly represented

6.) Management of events in multiple cities simultaneously 

7.) Transport, installation, and maintenance of event elements

8.) Real-time Pride festival activation documentation and analysis 


Pride festival marketing tips:


1.) Start early, ideally in January, before Pride festival booth space and parade slot availability gets booked up

2.) Ensure your Pride marketing reflects your current company beliefs and practices

3.) Collaborate with charities, cities, and influencers 

4.) Encourage people to express themselves 

5.) Invite your employees to share their stories as part of your Pride participation 

6.) Aim for tangible positive societal outcomes 

7.) Extend your Pride beyond the festival, connect your activation to an year-round initiative

8.) Livestream and create content


Most importantly, bring your A-game when it comes to brand appearance, experiences, and activism, as the public's expectations are relatively high at Pride festivals. 

Pride marketing activation services are available in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Miami, and 26 other cities.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for Pride marketing festival activation ideas, strategies, pricing, and previous company examples nationwide.

Pride is for everyone!

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