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FLYER MARKETING and Why It's Still In Style

Flyers reach people inside clothing boutiques, coffeehouses, and skate shops

Tried-and-true advertising for promoting concerts, exhibits, apps, and popups

Engage people with contests and QR codes

Flyers distribution targets specific neighborhoods

Measure flyer marketing effectiveness with call-to-action promo codes


What is flyer marketing?

Flyer marketing is defined as the distribution of brand advertising promotional cards inside cafes, retail shops, and other city establishments.

They are an excellent for promoting local pop-up shops, concerts, classes, apps, product releases, films, and brand-sponsored events.

Our street teams distribute flyers in the 'take-one' sections of clothing boutiques, cafes, skate shops, art galleries, gyms, and various other city establishments.

Flyers are additionally, pinned to bulletin boards, tacked to street poles, and other visible streetscape spots.


Is flyer advertising effective?


1.) Flyers are one of the lowest CPM outdoor advertising channels

2.) Flyers allow you to reach ideal audiences by targeting specific city neighborhoods

3.) It aligns your brand with trend-spreading shops and establishments

4.) People check shop flyer sections to discover local events


Every flyer advertising initiative is documented with +100 reporting photos.

Flyers distribution is an excellent complement to a wild posting initiative.

Flyer distribution coverage available in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, and dozen of other cities.

In a digitally saturated world, one may consider Flyer Marketing a dated approach; however, we've found people gravitate toward them due to it being the classic way to market local happenings.

Curious about flyer marketing, ask about distribution strategies, pricing, and company examples.

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