Barbershop Healthcare Insurance Advertising - Logan Square, Chicago
Laundromat Indoor and Window Advertising - Newark Delaware
Americare Healthcare Chinese Chinatown Outdoor Advertising Billboard - New York City
Low Income Neighborhood State Healthcare Initiative Outreach - Newark, Delaware
Spanish Healthcare Insurance Outdoor Advertising Bakery Window - Logan Square, Chicago

CITY STORE BILLBOARD and Why They're Unique?

Bring your brand to barbershops, c-stores, salons, and laundromats

Align a brand with people's weekly routines

Reach people in target neighborhoods

Get brands inside spots where people shop and socialize



City Store Billboard is the placement of framed 24" x 36" billboard advertising signs inside neighborhood barbershops, laundromats, hair salons, and other busy city establishments.

These outdoor advertising billboards are also known as retail store ad signs, convenience store 1-sheets, and window posters in certain companies and industries.

The billboards are placed in the window and on the walls with permission of the establishment.

City Store Billboard locations additionally include placement inside independently, locally owned nail salons, pizza shops, cafes, and Chinese food restaurants.

They are utilized by brands to reach immigrant communities as well as multigenerational Mexican, Puerto Rican, Asian, Caribbean, and South American populations living in cities nationwide. 

City Store Boards are double-sided, so they are view by people outdoor as well as inside establishments.

City Store Boards are unlike other forms of outdoor advertising as it gets brands inside barbershops and hair salons that serve as social hubs in many city neighborhoods.

They are particularly useful for healthcare insurance enrollment, banking, telecom, and a wide variety of other companies. 

Typically in large cities (e.g. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, etc.) 200 to 400 billboard facings can be placed in target neighborhoods. 

In mid-size cities (e.g. Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC, Minneapolis, New Orleans, etc.) 100 to 200 framed poster placements can be achieved.

Smaller cities (e.g. Newark, Allentown, Baltimore, Delaware, Milwaukee, etc.) offer the opportunity to place 50 to 100 placements. 

Advertising where your ideal audiences shop and socialize!