Canada Goose Retail Marketing Activation - Soho, New York City
Retail Shop Sale Marketing Activation - South Station, Boston
Splendid Retail Store Experiential Activation Marketing Example - Santa Monica, CA
Rag and Bone In-Store Retail Marketing Hot Cider Bar Activation - Downtown, Chicago
Levi's Retail Marketing Makeover Photoshoot Activation - Meatpacking, New York City


Generate attention, visits, and engagement with experiential retail activations 

Promote sales and store openings

Engage people with sharable brand activities

Extend your retail experience beyond the store

Influence people's perception and purchase behavior

Track effectiveness with retail call-to-actions and promo codes


What is retail activation marketing?

Retail activation is the deployment of experiences to promote store openings, engage shoppers, create shareable moments, and stimulate purchases. 

It is often classified as experiential retail, in-store events, or shopper marketing activations by companies. 

Retail activations occur in-store, on city sidewalks, inside malls, at nearby commuter stations, and in other strategic locations to engage people. 

The tactics range from unique in-store experiences to street teams to interactive store window performances.


Benefits of retail activation marketing:


1.) Find new customers and reaffirm relationships with existing ones

2.) Promote shop openings, sales, and special events

3.) Involve people in a store's marketing campaign

4.) Get shoppers to engage with a brand on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

5.) Extend the brand experience beyond the store

6.) Gather firsthand insights on shopper behavior, opinions, and actions

7.) Generate authentic brand content

8.) Driver additional sales

9.) Create stronger relationships and brand loyalty  


ALT TERRAIN assists brands with in-store as well as outdoor retail marketing activation ideas, strategies, planning, production, logistics, staffing, city permits, deployment, creating brand content, management, and reporting.

Often experiential retail marketing activations can be implemented on the public sidewalks in major cities (e.g., New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, etc.) without city permits.

When activating inside a mall, permission is required. 

Activating memorable experiences is effective for consumer packaged goods companies, fashion retailers, technology and entertainment brands, plus restaurant chains.

A well-equipped retail marketing activation team typically involves standout outfitting, custom props or signs, unique experiences, marketing materials, and an incentive for people to visit the store.

Additionally, retail marketing experiences are leveraged on social media before, during, and after the activation.

The integration of physical and digital (phygital) marketing in retail is the way to create more desirable outcomes. 

One of the residual effects of retail marketing activations is it piques people's interest to visit the next time they are in the area. 

Contact ALT TERRAIN for experiential retail activation ideas, strategies, pricing, and examples.

People shop for experiences!


Retail Activation Marketing FAQ

Retail event marketing is hosting an activation inside your store to attract, engage, and incentivize people to make purchases.

It is a form of experiential marketing, taking place inside stores.

Retail marketing events are often accompanied by online promotion, street teams, influencer partnerships, and other ways to enhance awareness and impact.

Best retail marketing event ideas are those that align with your brand, products you sell, and customer profile interests.

Here are a few retail marketing event ideas, strategies, and tactics:

1.) Access to limited-edition product release

2.) Onsite product customization or personalization 

3.) Free workshops or classes

4.) Influencer meet-and-greets

5.) Purchase-to-participate brand experiences 

6.) Host a brand cause or charity event

The cost for a retail marketing activation varies depending upon the concept, duration, size. and scope. 

Although, most experiential retail marketing activations are in the $3,500 to $7,500 range

Due to the high investment, it is essential for retail marketing activations to build-in an irritable call-to-action offer, plus promote it digitally prior, during, and post to increase brand sales. 

Retail Marketing Examples

Jewerly Retail Store Street Team Ice Sculpture Guerilla Marketing Activation - Downtown, Boston

Long's Jewelers

Primark Experiential Retail Store Photoshoot Marketing Activation Event


Holidays Retail Store Marketing Cider Bar Activaiton - Chicago and Los Angeles

Rag & Bone