Gatorade Venice Beach Basketball Court Marketing Activation Event - Venice, Los Angeles
Nike x Dick's Sporting Goods Baseball All Start Game Marketing Activation - St. Louis, MO
AT&T Cavs Fan Fest Marketing Activation - Cleveland, OH
TIKD Football FAN Engagement Stadium Event Marketing Activation - Miami, FL
AT&T College Football Tailgating Event Marketing Activation - Rutgers, NJ
GNC Protein Bar Product Sampling Outside Sports Stadium - Pittsburgh, PA
Snow Sports Ski Resort Marketing Event Activation - Colorado

SPORTS MARKETING and Why It's Worthwhile?

Connect with people via their passion for sports

Engage people where they watch and participate in sports

Align a brand with hometeam pride

Generate genuine content for social media

Demonstrate sports marketing effectiveness via social tracking and promo codes


What is sports fan marketing?

Sports marketing is the engagement of people through their passion for sports.

It can be activated outside stadiums, on ski slopes, at skate parks, in sports bars, and on city sidewalks. 

Sports marketing takes on a variety of forms; onsite sponsorship activation, offsite experiential event, street team deployments around stadiums, or even a hometown pride poster initiative.

In addition to football, baseball, and basketball, sports marketing can apply to more lifestyle sports such as snowboarding, running, and skiing. 

We specialize in helping brands create brand-centric sport marketing programs to engage people where they play, watch, and socialize around sports.

Brands rely on sports marketing to create real brand affinity, engagement, and sales.

ALT TERRAIN helps companies uncover which sports best align with your brand, creating marketing ideas, and activating in a single city or nationwide.

Sports marketing provides brands with quality, far-reaching social media content, especially around nationally watched events.

We view sports marketing is a year-round, scalable way for brands to achieve their goals. 

Connecting with people through their passions is the discernable way to enter their lives.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for sports marketing ideas, strategies, pricing, and company examples.

Up your game!

Sports Marketing styles and information:

Sports Street Marketing consists of street teams engaging people on city sidewalks outside of sports bars, basketball courts, skate parks. The essence is to engage people near where they enjoy sports. It is a way for brands to participate in sports marketing without the high stadium sponsorship and activation fees.

Sports Lifestyle Marketing is defined by engaging people while they participate in their favorite sports. This can take place on ski slopes, while tailgating, on-campus, and host of other locations.

Sports Sponsorship Activation is implementing events onsite at stadiums with the official permission from the team. It can range from an official team sponsorship to securing permission to be onsite during tailgating events.

Sports Ambush Marketing is activating near stadiums or associating brands with national sports events (e.g. Playoffs, Super Bowl, World Cups, etc.). The goal is to associated the brand with the excitement and passion surrounding the event while not officially sponsoring the team.