Blue Moon Hand Painted Billboard Outdoor Advertising Mural - Allston, Boston
Shell V-Power Gasoline Graffiti Street Art Mural Outdoor Advertising - Atlanta, GA
Shell Oil 'Heroes of Houston' Street Art Hurricane Harvey Tribute Mural - The Heights, Houston, TX
Healthy Eating Nonprofit Organization Cause Marketing Street Art Mural, Springfield, MA
Street Art Mural Outdoor Adveritsing - Springfield, MA
Tron Videogame Street Art Mural - Lower East Side, New York City
Colt 45 Graffiti Street Advertising Mural - Atlanta, GA
HP Street Graffiti Art Mural Advertising - Melrose, Los Angeles

STREET MURALS and Why They're Compelling

Hand-painted advertising murals bring street cred to your brand

Transform walls into an Instagrammable brand billboards

Adds originality to traditional outdoor advertising initiatives

Become part of your customer's neighborhood

Document street mural painting for unique brand content

Measure street mural advertising impressions and engagements


What is street mural advertising?

Street murals are one-of-a-kind, art-centric, street-level, hand-painted outdoor billboards on permitted wall space.

These murals are original, brand-sponsored works of art, not straight advertising billboard reproductions. 

Select companies cite street advertising murals as Instagram walls or hand-painted billboards. 

Typically street advertising murals consist of around 95% original art and 5% brand imagery advertising. 

Street murals get brands in the mix with trend-spreading neighborhood, street art, and graffiti cultures.

Brands typically leverage hand-painted murals with influencer marketing, public relations, and other content marketing initiatives.

Street murals, if done right, enhance the cityscape and delight the public, unlike traditional billboard advertising. 

Mural creation is documented with time-lapse video to provide content for YouTube of other brand platforms.

Street mural concept sketches are provided for the brand to approve before painting.

ALT TERRAIN scouts and secures wall spaces in your target neighborhoods.

Street Mural advertising is available in New York City (e.g., Bushwick, Williamsburg, Ridgewood, etc.), Chicago (e.g., Wicker Park, West Town, Pilsen, etc.), Los Angeles (e.g., DTLA, Silver Lake, Melrose, etc.), Miami (e.g., Wynwood, Downtown, etc.), Boston (e.g., South End, Allston, etc.), Houston (e.g., East Downtown, Houston Heights, etc.), and dozens of other cities. 

Contact ALT TERRAIN for street mural advertising ideas, strategies, pricing, and examples.

Hand-paint your way to people's hearts!

Street mural outdoor advertising FAQ

Street mural advertising is defined as hand-painted, streetscape art walls sponsored by brands.

Local artists create them based on brand visuals and intentions.

People welcome street mural outdoor advertising as they are a less-commercial form of traditional or painted billboards.

Please get in touch with ALT TERRAIN to learn more about the street mural outdoor advertising process.

Street murals are available in every major city.

We scout and secure locations in your target neighborhoods.

In turn, there are no preset street mural locations.

Once you've initiated a street mural program, we will hit the streets, provide options, and you choose the final location.

Street mural advertising secures permission from property owners and operators. 

City billboard permits are not secured as brand-sponsored murals  typically are not classified as traditional outdoor advertising.

Street mural outdoor advertising rates varies based on the city, neighborhood, size, and complexity of the artwork.

Typically, they range from $20,000 to $45,000 per mural, inclusive of planning, wall space, production, and management. 

Street Mural Examples

HP Street Graffiti Art Mural Advertising - Melrose, Los Angeles


Toyota Matrix Street Art Advertising Mural - Little Five Points, Atlanta

Coming Soon!

Shell Oil 'Heroes of Houston' Street Art Hurricane Harvey Tribute Mural - The Heights, Houston, TX

Coming Soon!