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Freeman Beauty Product Sampling Kiosk Markeitng Activation Cart - The Grove, Los Angeles
Caribbean Island Tourism Outdoor Street Marketing Activation - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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DirecTV Now Street Marketing Kiosk - Union Square, New York City
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SAMPLING CARTS & BIKES and Why They're On The Rise

Achieve a standout presence on city sidewalks with brand experience carts

Connect with people in your target neighborhoods

Engage thousands of people each day

Sample products and demo brands

Generate a steady stream of content for social

Transport and store product inside the product sampling bike carts

Measure activation performance with trackable call-to-action offers


What is sampling bike cart marketing?

Sampling cart and bike marketing is a simple, yet elegant way to engage people with on city sidewalks nationwide.

Leverage street marketing bikes and carts for product sampling, experiential activations, and product demonstrations.

Street marketing carts are also known as brand sampling bikes, product sampling pushcarts, and promo trike teams.

Each activation includes a branded cart, umbrella, or signage, plus a team of two brand ambassadors.

Each sampling cart or bike team impacts thousands of people daily in cities such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Ambassadors engage people with brand conversations, marketing materials, and experiential brand activities.

These three-wheel sampling bikes and carts are particularly useful for creating brand visibility, attracting people, transporting product samples, and on-the-street brand demos.


Benefits of sampling bike cart marketing:


1.) Stand-out on crowded city sidewalks 

2.) More versatile than product sampling trucks or vans

3.) Store ample product samples onsite

4.) Top of cart serves as a product display and demo area

5.) In most cities, they can be deployed without sidewalk activation permits

6.) It is an eco-friendly form of brand marketing

7.) Target specific city areas and events

8.) Integrate iPads, music, and brand activities


The best sampling cart and bike marketing activations go beyond distribution of samples and a call-to-action, they offer people memorable and sharable brand experiences.   

Ask about street marketing cart and bike solutions custom-tailored for your brand in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, New Orleans, Minneapolis, San Diego, New Jersey, and Washington DC.

Hit the streets!

Sampling cart and bike approaches:

These marketing carts (also known as ice cream or vending trikes) are primarily utilized by companies for consumer trial-size product sampling or brand promotional giveaways.

These pushcarts have a fully enclosed box with a flip-open access hatch on top that allows brand ambassadors to easily grab more product samples, marketing materials or consumer giveaways.

This form of sampling cart is equipped with insulation to sample prepackaged frozen food products such as ice cream and popsicles via the addition of dry ice placed inside the bike box storage area.

These carts (also known as Cargo or Dutch Box Bikes) have a cargo box that flips up and opens creating a brand demo or activation area.

The brand activation bike is utilized for companies with multiple or more elaborate product displays. They can store marketing materials or product samples, however, utilized more for brand activations that involve showing people how to use an app or product.

We’re constantly advocating marketing bicycles as an ideal platform for companies to engage people. Particularly in cities such as for New York City, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia with high concentration pedestrian foot-traffic as each bicycle street team generates thousands of consumer engagements daily.

Sampling cart and bike marketing FAQ

In most cities, you can deploy a street marketing bike cart on public sidewalks without issue.

There are exceptions, such as inside or adjacent to public parks, outside certain transit stations, and some historic neighborhoods.

Actually neither, we activate them for brands throughout the country.

They are deployed with brand ambassadors, management, reporting and insurance, for 3 to 30 days a month.

Connect with ALT TERRAIN for more details.

In the past 10 years, we have activated street marketing carts for beauty and wellness brands, jewelry stores, snack companies, tech brands, and dozen of other categories with great success.

Rates vary depending upon the city, number of activation days per month, staff, and other elements to create the desired brand experience.

Please let us know a bit about your brand goals so we can provide you a custom proposal. 

Street Marketing Cart Examples

Curacao Island Vacation Tourism Outdoor Street Marketing Activation - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Curacao Tourism

DirecTV Now Street Marketing Kiosk - Union Square, New York City

DirecTV Now

Innisfree Skincare Product Sampling Pushcart Street Team Marketing - Astor Place, New York City

Innisfree Skincare

Jet.com + Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Outdoor Product Sampling Tour - South Philadelphia

Walmart / Jet