Anaheim Tourism Destination Street Team Flash Mob Experiential Marketing Activation - Union Square, San Francisco
Liquid Death Street Team Flash Mob Marketing - Austin, TX
Venice Beach Boardwalk Street Team Marketing Costume
Primark Retail Outdoor Marketing Company Example - Downtown Crossing Boston.jpg
Costumed Character Street Team Marketing - Union Square, New York City
Qdoba Street Team Marketing - Seattle, WA
Anaheim Tourism Destination Street Team Flash Mob Experiential Marketing Activation - Union Square, San Francisco
Liquid Death Street Team Flash Mob Marketing - Austin, TX
Venice Beach Boardwalk Street Team Marketing Costume
Primark Retail Outdoor Marketing Company Example - Downtown Crossing Boston.jpg
Costumed Character Street Team Marketing - Union Square, New York City
Qdoba Street Team Marketing - Seattle, WA
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STREET TEAM MARKETING and Why It's A Favorite 

Engage people with conversations, samples, and experiences

Bring your brand to city neighborhoods where people live, work, shop, and play

Activate around holidays and pop culture moments

Generate a steady stream of authentic content with street team marketing

Get firsthand consumer feedback from consumers

Increase brand perception, engagement, and sales

Track street team performance with impressions, engagements, and signups

Create brand moments that matter 


Street Team Marketing: What You Need To Know

Street team marketing is a powerful tactic for companies to connect with their target audience in person, generating buzz and driving action. It involves deploying a group of enthusiastic brand ambassadors to interact with potential customers in public spaces, such as city sidewalks, beach boardwalks, college campuses, transit hubs, and shopping districts.

Street team marketing is sometimes called promo teams, experiential marketing, or sampling activations.


The Purpose of Street Team Marketing

Street team marketing achieves several desired brand objectives:

  • Brand Awareness: Introduce your brand to a broader audience and make a lasting impression.
  • Engagement: Foster meaningful interactions with potential customers, sparking curiosity and interest.
  • Desired Actions: Encourage immediate action from potential customers, such as signing up for an app, visiting a nearby store, or purchasing a product.

The Role of Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are the heart of street team marketing. They serve as the face of your company, interacting with potential customers in a friendly and approachable manner. Their responsibilities include:

  • Greeting people warmly and establishing a positive connection.
  • Providing information about your brand, products, or services.
  • Distributing samples and swag.
  • Encouraging potential customers to take desired actions.

The Role of Street Team Managers

Street team managers oversee the activation process, ensuring seamless execution and achieving the desired outcomes. Their tasks include:

  • Preparing brand ambassadors with training and resources.
  • Supervising interactions with the public.
  • Scheduling breaks for brand ambassadors.
  • Documenting the activation for brand content and reporting.
  • Ensuring everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

The Integration of Social Media and Influencers

Sophisticated street team activations incorporate social media strategies and influencer visits. Social media platforms provide a powerful channel to amplify the reach of street team initiatives and generate further engagement. Influencer partnerships can further enhance brand visibility and credibility.


The Reach of Street Team Marketing

Street team marketing can extend to any major city nationwide, from New York City to Chicago to Los Angeles. This flexibility allows businesses to target specific geographic markets and connect with potential customers in their local communities.


The Customer Journey and Street Teams

Street teams often serve as the first point of contact between a customer and a brand. They are crucial in shaping the customer journey, creating a positive initial impression, and laying the foundation for future interactions.


Make street team marketing a priority for your brand

New customers are reached, brand awareness is generated, and desired actions are driven by street team marketing. Brands can  create memorable experiences, foster genuine connections, and ultimately achieve their marketing goals through brand ambassadors.


Street Team Marketing Services

ALT TERRAIN helps brands develop and implement tailor-made campaigns that yield measurable outcomes, our services include:

  • Goal-oriented strategy development and idea generation.
  • Designed and produced brand ambassador uniforms, signage, and props.
  • Procurement, storage, and transportation of product samples and promotional materials.
  • Comprehensive training and preparation for brand ambassadors.
  • Full-service activation, management, and insurance for street teams.
  • Thorough documentation, post-production analysis, and performance evaluation.
Liquid Death Street Team Marketing Activation Stunt - Austin

Street Team Marketing: How To Do It Right

Street team marketing is an engaging way to connect with your target audience, generate buzz around your brand, and drive desired actions. By deploying a team of enthusiastic brand ambassadors to interact with potential customers in public spaces, you can create memorable experiences and foster genuine connections. 
And, from our experience, here's how you do it.

1. Define Your Goals

Before embarking on your street team marketing campaign, it's crucial to establish clear and measurable goals. What do you aim to achieve through this activation? Are you looking to increase brand awareness, generate sign-ups, or drive sales? Having well-defined goals will guide your strategy and help you assess the success of your campaign.

2. Craft a Compelling Brand Message

Your brand ambassadors are your company's voice, so ensure they can articulate your brand message clearly and concisely. Help them understand the essence of your brand, its values, and what sets you apart from competitors. Practice with them to deliver your message in a natural, engaging manner.

3. Make Your Call-to-Action Count

Don't just engage potential customers; guide them toward the action you want them to take. Whether visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase, make your call-to-action clear, direct, and easy to follow.

4. Create Memorable Marketing Materials

People are more likely to remember and interact with your brand if they have something tangible to take away. Provide eye-catching and informative marketing materials that reinforce your brand message and encourage further engagement, such as brochures, flyers, or branded swag.

5. Dress to Impress

Your brand ambassadors are the visual representation of your company, so make sure they look their best. Provide them with branded uniforms or attire that aligns with your brand identity and projects a professional and approachable image.

6. Capture Attention with Signage and Props

Use attention-grabbing handheld signs, banners, or props to make your street team stand out from the crowd. These visual elements complement your brand message and entice people to interact with your ambassadors.

7. Encourage Social Sharing

Harness the power of social media to amplify the reach of your street team activation. Encourage people to share their experiences using your brand's hashtag or tagging your social media handles. This user-generated content will expand your visibility and generate organic engagement.

8. Scout Strategic Locations

Carefully select locations for your street team activation where your target audience will likely be present. Consider high-traffic areas such as city sidewalks, shopping districts, college campuses, or popular events.

9. Train Your Brand Ambassadors Thoroughly

Provide your brand ambassadors with comprehensive training to ensure they are well-equipped to represent your brand effectively. This training should cover your brand message, product knowledge, customer service skills, and handling common inquiries or objections.

10. Assign an Onsite Manager

An experienced onsite manager will oversee the entire street team activation, ensuring everything runs smoothly and according to plan. They will manage the team, coordinate logistics, address issues, and ensure compliance with local regulations.

11. Handle Logistics Efficiently

Delegate your street team activation's preparation, transportation, and logistics to a dedicated team. This will free up your ambassadors to focus on engaging with potential customers and delivering your brand message.

12. Document Your Success

Document the entire street team activation process, including impressions, engagements, feedback, and other relevant data. This information will be invaluable for evaluating the campaign's effectiveness and making data-driven decisions for future activations.

13. Leverage Social Media Content

Share engaging content from your street team activation on your social media channels. Use high-quality photos, videos, and live streams to showcase the excitement and impact of your campaign.

14. Collaborate with Influencers

Partner with relevant influencers in your industry to amplify your street team marketing efforts. Influencers can help you reach a wider audience, generate credibility, and drive engagement.

15. Secure Insurance Coverage

Protect your brand, street team, and the public by obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for your activation. This will safeguard against any unforeseen incidents or liabilities.

16. Prioritize Safety and Well-being

Implement clear action plans for safety and wellness for your street team. Ensure they have adequate rest breaks, stay hydrated, and work within acceptable weather conditions.

17. Debrief, Summarize and Analyze

After the activation, conduct a thorough debriefing with your street team to gather feedback, summarize the key takeaways, and analyze the campaign's performance. Use this information to refine your strategies for future activations.

Street Team Marketing Activation - Queens, NYC

Coverage Across North America and Europe

Across North America and Europe, street team marketing provides brands with wide and diverse audience reach.

United States

We offer street team marketing coverage in the top 25 most populous cities in the United States, including:

1.) New York City, NY

2.) Chicago, IL

3.) Los Angeles, CA

4.) Houston, TX

5.) Boston, MA

6.) Philadelphia, PA

7.) Washington, D.C.

8.) San Diego, CA

9.) Dallas, TX

10.) Seattle, WA

12.) Portland, OR

13.) Austin, TX

14.) Atlanta, GA

15.) Miami, FL

16.) New Orleans, LA


Our street team marketing coverage extends to major Canadian cities, including:

1.) Vancouver

2.) Montreal

3.) Toronto


We also provide street team marketing services in key European cities, such as:

1.) Paris, France

2.) London, England

3.) Milan, Italy

4.) Madrid, Spain

5.) Berlin, Germany

6.) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Costumed Character Street Team Marketing NYC Example
Onboarding & Activation

  1. Share Your Vision: Begin by sharing your marketing goals and any ideas you have for your street team activation.

  2. Receive Custom Options: Get a quote or a customized solution tailored to your unique brand and campaign.

  3. Review and Confirm: Once you've found the ideal street team solution, review and sign the marketing agreement.

  4. Activation Preparation: Two weeks before your activation, we'll ramp up planning, logistics, staffing, and training.

  5. Real-Time Updates: Receive real-time reporting via Slack on each activation day.

  6. Comprehensive Recap: After each activation, you'll receive a recap report with photos, learnings, and improvement suggestions.

Key Takeaway

Whether your company sells CPG products, direct-to-consumer products, or business-to-business products, street team marketing is an effective approach to reach new audiences, engage prospects, and reenergize brand interest.



 with us for a free street team marketing plan for your company or select a time to chat.

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Street Team Marketing definitions:

Product sampling street team marketing consists of brand ambassadors engaging people with conversations, samples and marketing materials.

Product sampling street teams typically require a van to transport product samples and serve as a staging area, plus production assistants / runners to refresh the team with samples.  

Flash mob street team marketing is a dozen or more uniformly outfitted brand ambassadors to performing coordinated brand stunts, songs, and other acts that ‘surprise and delight’ the public.

Flash mob street teams require a rehearsal day to ensure the activation is well coordinated.  

Costumed character street team is consists of brand ambassadors in unique outfits to generate on-the-street attention and consumer engagement.

Note that each costumed character need a dedicated handler to guide them to ensure they don't knock into people on city sidewalks.

An experiential street team are brand ambassadors equipped with props, games, apps, equipment, and other activities to engage the public.

Simply put, an experiential street team is one that has public participation at the heart of the activation. 

Event ambush street teams are defined as the deployment of street teams near festivals, concerts and/or sports events that are not officially sponsored your brand.

Retail Street Team is the deployment of ambassadors to promote retail, restaurant, popups, or other types of establishments.

This form of marketing is particularly effective for highlighting retail sales, in-store events, and brand happenings.

Street team marketing FAQ

Street team marketing is the the activation of brand ambassadors in public spaces to promote a company via conversations, product sampling, and engaging activities.  

They can be volunteers, although the most effective street teams are paid, trained, outfitted, and managed to ensure desired outcomes.

Yes, under free speech laws, street team are legal on public sidewalks in most city spaces.

There are exceptions, such as activating inside parks, or outside certain transit stations.

To adhere to the law, street teams should not place anything (e.g. chairs, tables, boxes, etc.) on public sidewalks.

Street teams are highly-effective for engaging your target audience in city neighborhoods. Best to have the street team well trained, outfitted, managed, plus offer something that piques interest and engagement.

Street teams provide reach; in New York, Chicago, Boston, and DC you can engage tens of thousands of people daily.

To enhance street team effectiveness, include an irresistible call-to-action along with on-the-spot incentives to sign-up or share the experience on social.

To track effectiveness integrate promo codes, contests, and sign-ups.

Street teams are additionally super effective for creating brand content, leveraging influencers, and driving in-store sales.

The cost to plan, deploy, and manage a 9-person street team ranges from $4,500 to $7,500 per day, depending upon the city, team size, responsibilities, number of activation days, and other factors.

Note the above price range does not include brand ambassador outfits, props, tote bags, transport, and marketing materials.

Here are the top street team marketing ideas and tactics:

  • Surprise-and-delight people commuting to work.
  • Engage people heading to festivals, stadiums, and conventions.
  • Give people samples or swag they'll appreciate and keep for a while.
  • Utilize questions, games, and quizzes to educate people about your brand.
  • Get people to share your street team activities with Instagram-worthy costumes, signs, and props.
  • Tailor your street team marketing concept to the seasons or holidays.
  • Activate in large groups, flash mob style, to stand out and produce quality content
  • Give out tote bags and wearables to have the public promote your brand 


Street Team Marketing Examples
Liquid Death Street Team Flash Mob Marketing - Austin, TX

Liquid Death

Subway Costumed Character Marketing Advertising Activation - New York City

Stay Away Repellent

Flash Mob Street Team Marketing - Union Square, San Francisco

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