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STREET TEAM MARKETING and Why It's A Favorite?

Street teams engage people with samples, experiences, and marketing materials

Take your brand to where people live, work, shop, and play

Create genuine content for social media

Get tangible consumer feedback and insights

Inspire people to take action


What is street team marketing?

Street team marketing is defined as the deployment of brand ambassadors to promote events, sample products, and engage people with shareable experiences in public spaces. 

Often companies and agencies utilize the terms field marketing, promo teams, or product sampling teams to refer to street team marketing.

Street teams are a form of experiential marketing. 

Street team marketing allows brands to engage people on public sidewalks near stores, interact with commuters outside of transit stations, promote popup shops, intercept people heading to events, and target professionals in business districts. 

Well-trained brand ambassadors inform people, distribute samples, demo products, engage in meaningful conversations, and influence audiences to take action. 

ALT TERRAIN street teams always include an onsite manager to prepare the team, oversee interaction with the public, schedule rest breaks, document the activation, and ensure everything is on point.

Street team marketing services are available in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, New Orleans, Minneapolis, San Diego, Hoboken, Washington DC and dozens of other cities. 


Street team marketing strategy checklist:

1.) Know your goals

2.) Have a clear and concise brand message

3.) Leverage a compelling call-to-action

3.) Use desirable marketing materials

4.) Outfit your brand ambassadors

5.) Deploy attention-getting hand-held signs or props

6.) Incentivize people to share the brand with friends 

7.) Scout locations beforehand 

8.) Train your brand ambassadors

9.) Hire an onsite manager

10.) Employ a dedicated team for prep, transport, and logistics

11.) Document everything (e.g., impressions, engagements, feedback, etc.)

12.) Ensure you have insurance to cover the brand, street team, and the public

13.) Debrief team, recap the activation and analyze


Is street team marketing effective for your brand?

1.) Reach up to 25,000 of people each day in cities such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington DC

2.) Face-to-face interactions offer opportunities to create a positive and memorable brand impression 

3.) Getting trial size product samples into people's hands often changes their purchase behavior

4.) Allows brands to generate attention and engagement in competitive environments

5.) Reach people outside transit hubs, near city festivals, in business districts, and college campuses

6.) Provides quality brand-consumer interaction content for social media

7.) City permits are not needed for most street team marketing concepts

8.) Gather firsthand consumer reactions and insights


Street team marketing ideas, tactics, and approaches:

1.) Surprise-and-delight people commuting to work

2.) Engage people heading to festivals, stadiums, and conventions

3.) Give people samples or swag they'll appreciate and keep for a while

4.) Utilize questions, games, and quizzes to educate people about your brand

5.) Reach people beyond the street with Instagrammable costumes, signs, and props

6.) Tailor your street team marketing concept to the seasons or holidays

7.) Activate in large groups, flash mob style, to stand out and produce quality content

8.) Give out tote bags and wearables to have the public promote your brand 

9.) Consider enhancing the street team effort with vehicles, carts, or human billboards


Leverage street team marketing to reach new audiences, engage people, and reinvigorate brand interest.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for street team ideas, strategies, pricing, and company examples.

Activate the streets!

Street Team Marketing definitions:

Product Sampling Team

Product Sampling Team marketing is defined as the planning, staffing, training, deployment and management of brand ambassadors to engage consumers with conversations, samples and marketing materials.

Product sampling street teams typically require a van to transport product samples and serve as a staging area for the team throughout the outdoor sampling activation.

Flash Mob Team

Flash Mob street team marketing is defined as the deployment of a dozen or more uniformly outfitted brand ambassadors to perform coordinated brand stunts, songs, game shows and other acts that ‘surprise and delight’ the public.

Flash mob street teams require a rehearsal day to ensure the activation is well coordinated.  

Costumed Character Team

Costumed character street team is defined as brand ambassadors in unique outfits to generate on-the-street attention and drive consumer engagement.

Note that costumed characters often need a dedicated handler to guide them to ensure they all goes well with the activation.

Experiential Street Team

An experiential street team is defined as brand ambassadors equipped with props, games, apps, equipment, and other activities to engage the public.

Experiential marketing street teams demonstrate the value of a brand in a way to show people how it will make a difference in their life.

Event Ambush Street Team

Event ambush street teams are defined as the deployment of street teams near festivals, concerts and/or sports events that are not officially sponsored by a brand.

Retail Street Team

Retail Street Team is defined as the deployment of ambassadors to promote retail, restaurant, popups, or other types of establishments.

This form of marketing is particularly effective for highlighting retail sales, in-store events, and brand happenings.

Street Team FAQ

What is street team marketing?

Street team marketing is one of the oldest forms of experiential marketing.

It is defined as the activation of brand ambassadors in public spaces to promote a company via conversations, product sampling, and engaging activities.  

They can be volunteers, although the most effective street teams are paid, trained, outfitted, and managed to ensure desired outcomes.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for a street team proposal for your brand. 

Are street teams legal?

Yes, under free speech laws, you can deploy a street team on public sidewalks in most public spaces.

There are exceptions, such as activating inside parks, or outside certain transit stations.

And, to adhere to the law, street teams should not place anything (e.g. chairs, tables, boxes, etc.) on public sidewalks.

For more details regarding the legality of street teams, please email info@altterrain.com

Are street teams effective?

Street teams are highly-effective for engaging people in city neighborhoods.

To be effective, best for street teams to be well trained, outfitted, managed, plus offer something that piques interest and engagement.

Street teams in New York, Chicago, Boston, DC and many other cities can engage tens of thousands of people daily.

To enhance effectiveness include an irresistible call-to-action along with on-the-spot incentives to share the experience on social.

To track effectiveness integrate promo codes, contests, and sign-ups.

Street teams are additionally super effective for creating brand content, leveraging influencers, and driving in-store sales.

How much do street teams cost?

The cost to plan, deploy, and manage a 9-person street team range from $4,500 to $7,500 per day depending upon the city, number of activation days, and other factors. 

Note the above range does not include brand ambassador outfits, props, tote bags, and marketing materials.

Reach out to ALT TERRAIN for a detailed street team plan.

Street Team Marketing Examples

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