MN Lottery Wild Posting Cardstock Wild Posting - Minneapolis
Bud Light Wheat-Paste Wild Posting Installation - Nashville, TN
Construction Site Wheatpaste Wild Posting Company Example - DTLA, Los Angeles
Popup Shop Promotion via Street Poster Wild Posting - Wicker Park, Chicago
MUBI streaming service wild poster outdoor advertising company example- Austin, Texas
Oscar Health Sticker Wild Posting - Hoboken, New Jersey
Fashion Wild Posting Company - Williamsburg, NYC
Anti-Bullying Nonprofit Cafe Bulletin Board Poster Advertising - Little Five Points, Atlanta
Outdoor Street Wheat-paste Poster Advertising Company Example - Lincoln Park, Chicago
Denver Wild Postings Financial Services Money Sharing App Advertising Example
Legal wheat-paste poster outdoor advertising installation - Lower East Side, New York City
Music Festival Promotional Poster Marketing Advertising Example - University of Houston
Converse Wild Posting Outdoor Advertising - Melrose, Los Angeles
MFA Murakami Museum Exhibit Poster Advertising Promotion - Harvard Square, Cambridge
Laundromat Poster Advertising - Hoboken, New Jersey

WILD POSTING and Why It's Effective

Create citywide awareness and impact with wild posting advertising 

People look to street posters to well up on brand releases and local events

Posters reach people in neighborhoods where they live, work, shop and play

Get engagement with wild posting promo codes, QR codes, and contests

Build and maintain your brand's street cred with wheatpaste wild postings


What is wild posting advertising?

The definition of wild posting, by most companies, is the distribution of promotional street-level advertising posters throughout cities.

This form of outdoor advertising is often cited as wheat-paste posters, wheatpasting, sniping, flyering, street posters, and flyposting by individual companies or agencies.

Large wild postings are placed outdoors on construction sites, storefronts, street poles, and other visible cityscape locations. 

Small size posters are placed inside cafes, in shops windows, and on bulletin boards, plus on-campus as well as outside. 

Wild posting outdoor advertising is leveraged by companies primarily to promote awareness of events, product releases, movies, apps, concerts, and brand initiatives.

Wild postings, wheatpaste and other poster styles, are additionally used by brands to share their stories and for branding purposes.

Smart companies leverage wild postings to drive consumer engagement via strong call-to-action, contests, and promo codes.

Wild postings offer the most value in cities with a high concentration of people walking around (e.g., Chicago, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, Toronto, etc.)

Street-level posters are an excellent way to reach people in small-to-mid size cities where outdoor advertising opportunities aren't as prevalent (e.g., Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Hudson Valley NY, Nashville, Raleigh, etc.)

Wheatpaste wild posting campaigns available overseas in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, and Tokyo.

Poster printing is included with all of ALT TERRAIN wild posting offerings.


Wild posting advertising tips and strategies:


1.) Street posters come in a variety of styles and sizes, research which type is best for a particular city and your brand goals

2.) Cardstock style posters are best for promoting events as they are more versatile in terms of placement, providing more reach

3.) Wheat-paste wild postings are commonly utilized for awareness, branding and story sharing

4.) Wheat-paste posters have a wrinkly, textured surface in comparison to smooth cardstock style posters

5.) Design the artwork for your posters in a big and bold way, with minimal text, so people can easily read them while walking or driving by

6.) Each city, and often each neighborhood, have distinct poster cultures, defining where it is acceptable to post

7.) Posters are impactful when grouped together, although best for each wild posting design to stand on its own

8.) If your campaign goal is consumer engagement, choose an interactive poster format like pull-tabs or tear pads, plus leverage an irresistible call-to-action

9.) Deploy two or more different types of wild postings to truly stand out in big cities 


ALT TERRAIN is the premier resource for planning and implementing custom poster advertising initiatives in unique ways to achieve your business objectives.

Wild posting specs and mockup templates are provided for your team to easily design your posters.

We implement outdoor, street-level, poster advertising in DTLA, Wicker Park Chicago, Back Bay Boston, Downtown Portland, Center City Philadelphia, Capitol Hill Seattle, Mission in San Francisco, Washington DC, San Diego, Baltimore, Little Five Points Atlanta, Design District Miami, Hoboken / Jersey City, Hudson Valley, Upstate New York, and hundreds of other trendy areas.

Wild posting as an outdoor advertising medium is additionally available overseas in Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.

Our process allows you to select the neighborhoods, and our street teams place posters in the best available spots. 

Wild posting outdoor advertising programs include planning, printing, placement, management, and reporting.

Connect with ALT TERRAIN for wild posting advertising ideas, strategies, prices, and examples.

Tap into your wild side!


Wild Posting definitions:

Cardstock Wild Postings are 11” x 17” and 13″ x 19″ thick paper posters placed in visible outdoor and indoor locations in target neighborhoods.

Poster placement locations typically consist of construction sites, street poles, inside cafes, on campus and in retail shop windows.

Cardstock Wild Postings posters are placed via staples, tape, push-pins and/or magnets depending upon the location.

With Cardstock Wild Postings there are no predesignated or “owned” locations, however, are placed in pre-selected target neighborhoods.

Cardstock Wild Postings are particularly effective for promoting local events, highlighting product releases and/or brand promotions.

ALT TERRAIN offers Cardstock Wild Postings in San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington DC and many other cities with the exception of New York City.

Pull-Tab Wild Postings are 8.5” x 11” posters with consumer take-one, pull-tabs at the bottom that drives consumer engagement.

Poster placement locations typically consist of, but not limited to; construction sites, street poles, inside cafes, on college campuses, retail shop windows, and public bulletin boards.

There are no preset or “owned” locations with Pull-Tab Wild Postings advertising medium although are placed in target neighborhoods selected by you.

Pull-Tab Wild Postings are particularly useful for tease-and-reveal, cause marketing, call-to-action, plus quirky and light-hearted advertising initiatives.

Pull-Tab Wild Posting advertising initiatives are available in Los Angeles, Houston, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Austin and many other cities.

Cling Wild Postings (also know as Guerilla Clings or Static-Clings) are 11″ x 15″ posters printed on static electricity charged material allowing them to stick to a variety of surfaces without wheat-paste, staples or tape.

The advantage of Cling Wild Postings is they allow for more creative and targeted placement, plus are often die-cut to specific shapes to increase effectiveness.

Available in the top 20 US cities although not in New York City.

Wheatpaste Wild Postings are 24″ x 36″ or larger thin paper posters adhered via wheat-paste or other means primarily to construction sites and abandon properties without permission.

They often allow for 4 to 6 posters to be placed together.

Wheatpaste + Cardstock is the use of both wild postings formats (defined above) to generate more noticeability and impact.

In many cities, wheatpaste posters locations are few and far between; cardstock posters help create presence on those blocks where wheat-paste posters placements are not feasible. 

If your goal to deliver your message to everyone in a neighborhood a Wheatpaste + Cardstock Wild Posting combination is the way to go!

Dedicated Wheatpaste Poster Installations are site-specific and highlight a single brand advertising campaign with 16 to 32 posters per location.

Dedicated wheatpaste wild posting wall installations often consisting of multiple poster designs.

This form of wild posting advertising is placed with permission of the property owner and often require city permits.

ALT TERRAIN does not have preset walls for dedicated, wheatpaste postings, however, we solicit and secure wall space in target neighborhoods on an as needed basis.

Tear Pad Wild Postings encourage consumers to remove a single advertising poster from a pad of ten for personal reuse.

They are perfect for outdoor advertising initiatives that desire an experiential poster element.

They work best with celebrity, sports, entertainment and/or other content people would like to post in their office, dorm and/or home.  

Each Tear Pad Wild Postings consists of ten weatherproof thin plastic posters. 

Tear Pad Wild Postings are placed outdoors in locations such as construction sites, fences and bulletin boards.

We offer these posters in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, and many other cities although not available in New York City.

Wild Posting FAQ

Wild posting is the oldest form of outdoor advertising.

It is defined as the placement of street-level advertising posters in public places to promote events, services, and a company's brand image.

There are several different approaches and styles of wild posting.

Get in touch with ALT TERRAIN for wild posting options, rates, and coverage. 

Yes, wild postings provide better return-on-investment (ROI) than all other outdoor advertising formats.

In big cities, on average, each wild posting is viewed by 750+ people per day.

Posters are placed in target neighborhoods to ensure they reach desired audiences.

They are effective in providing brand awareness, interest, purchase intent, and often direct sales (via promo codes).

They are particularly useful for promoting events, store openings, and as a complement to digital and other out-of-home advertising (OOH) formats.

They are purchased on a per-week basis making them more effective from a timing perspective than traditional print billboards, which are secured monthly.

Many brands view wild posting as effective from a street cred perspective as it aligns them with trendy neighborhoods and edgy marketing tactics.

Finally, wild postings are effective in providing unique content for social media channels.

Historically, wild postings are placed throughout cities without permission.

The word 'wild' refers to 'out in the wild' meaning outside standard locations.

Most cities have ordinances against placing advertising posters on public or private property.

Although in many cities, in specific neighborhoods, it is common practice to place posters on street poles, construction sites, and other cityscape objects.

It is possible to lease and permit street-level space for advertising posters, although this is not technically wild posting.

To ensure a wild posting campaign does not put your brand at risk, get in touch with ALT TERRAIN for details.

With true wild postings, there are no preset locations.

You select target neighborhoods, and posters are placed in the best available locations.

Typically outdoor wheat-paste wild posting locations consist of construction sites, unleased storefronts, street poles, and select buildings.

Wild posting rates vary depending upon the city, poster size, coverage, number of posters, and few other factors.

For budgeting purposes, in most major cities, the cost to print and implement a noticeable one week wild postings initiative is between $3,500 to $15,000. 

Contact ALT TERRAIN for wild posting options and pricing for your cities. 

Wild posting services available in:

New York State

Los Angeles






San Francisco




St. Louis





San Antonio


New Orleans


San Diego

New Jersey

Washington DC




And, wild postings are available in overseas in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Mexico City, Barcelona, Milan, and many other cities.

Wild Posting Advertising Examples

Houston Street Poster Advertising Company Example - Uptown, Houston


Animal Rights Nonprofit Outdoor Advertsing Grassroots Poster Example - Lincoln Park, Chicago

Animal Equality

Bud Light Wheatpaste Wild Posting Dedicated Advertising Installation - Nashville, TN

Bud Light

Oscar Healthcare Open Enrollment Advertising Example - Austin, TX

Oscar Health

Converse Footwear Wheatpaste Wild Poster Advertising Company - Lower East Side, New York City


Wheatpaste Wild Posting Advertising Company - West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA