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MOBILE BILLBOARD and Why They're Valuable?

Activate your mobile billboard around specific neighborhoods and events

Generate tens of thousands of brand impressions daily in big cities

Integrate 3D elements, installations, and interactivity

More outdoor advertising reach than standard billboards


What is creative mobile billboard advertising?

Mobile billboard is defined as the transformation of vehicles into a one-of-a-kind outdoor brand advertising vehicles. 


Definitions of different types of mobile billboards:

1.) Traditional Mobile Billboard is a sizable double-sided printed sign, typically 22' wide x 10' high, mounted on the rear of a truck

2.) Trailer Mobile Billboard is a two-sided sign display installed on a trailer and towed by an SUV

3.) Digital Mobile Billboard consists of LED video screens displayed on the rear of a truck or top of an SUV

4.) Wrapped Vehicle Billboard is an SUV with vinyl graphics installed on all sides 

5.) Glass Wall Display Billboard is a box truck outfitted with see-through walls to showcase unique 3D brand installations 

6.) Truckside Advertising is defined as printed panels displayed on the sides of semi-trailers and trucks making deliveries


Each of the above mobile billboard styles can be enhanced with 3D props, interactive elements, or custom brand build-outs. 

The main benefit of advertising via mobile billboards are the tens of thousands of consumer impressions generated daily in big cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Miami.

A secondary benefit is mobile billboards act as site-specific outdoor advertising, targeting select neighborhoods, retail locations, sports stadiums, and events.

Select cities, most notably New York City and parts of Los Angeles, have standard and trailer mobile billboard bans. 

The future of mobile billboards is the use of electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprint. 

Jump on board with mobile billboards! 

MOBILE BILLBOARD addtional styles, info, and strategies:

Wrapped Vehicles w/ Rooftop Objects

This mobile billboards approach includes a vehicle with custom vinyl wrap enhanced rooftop elements.

Elements range from standard two-sided signs to oversize 3D versions of products installed on the roof. 

The main benefit of Wrapped Vehicles w/ Rooftop Objects is that they can easily maneuver and park throughout cities (unlike large billboard trucks)

Plus, unique rooftop build-outs tend to generate social media posts by the public.

Mobile Billboard Build-Outs

Mobile Billboard Build-Outs are custom-crafted brand installations on traditional or trailer style mobile billboards.

Mobile Billboard Build-outs range from three-dimensional dioramas, oversize product displays to creative ideas you dream up. 

These types of mobile billboards stand out from the rest in crowded cities such as Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York City.


Mobile Mural

Mobile Mural is a painted or artist-created mobile billboard installation. 

The benefit of mobile murals is they are deemed more authentic and attractive form of outdoor advertising compared to printed mobile billboard signage.

Various styles of mobile murals range from a hand-painted traditional billboard to an art install on the side of a box truck to a van wheat-pasted with advertising posters.

Mobile Billboard Examples

Amtrak Creative Mobile Billboard Advertising Example - Orlando, FL

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MINI Cooper Reverse-Clean Street Art Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising Example - Venice Beach, CA

Mini Cooper

Digital LED Rooftop Mobile Billboard - New York City

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