MINI Cooper Creative Outdoor Advertising Example - New York City
Digital LED Mobile Billboard Outdoor Advertising - Midtown, New York City
Amtrak Creative Mobile Billboard Advertising Example - Orlando, FL
Custom 3D Mobile Billboard Vehicle - Amtrak Outdoor Advertising - Orlando, Florida
AT&T LG Electronics Mobile Billboard Advertising - Cincinati, OH
AT&T Mobile Billboard Advertising Example - Downtown, Boston
McDonald's Creative Mobile Billboard Advertising Examples - Boston, New England
McDonald's Award Winning Mobile Billboard Advertising Examples - New England

MOBILE BILLBOARD and Why They're Valuable?

Take your brand to specific cities and neighborhoods

Hit the streets with a significant visual presence

Generate tens of thousands of brand impressions daily

Add 3D props, installations, and interactivity to enhance impact



ALT TERRAIN's mobile billboard offering centers around the transformation of SUVs, ice cream trucks, buses, cars, and other vehicles into a one-of-a-kind rolling outdoor advertising signage. 

The main benefit of advertising via Mobile Billboards are the tens of thousands of consumer impressions generated daily in big cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Miami.

A secondary benefit is mobile billboards act as site-specific outdoor advertising, targeting select neighborhoods, retail locations, sports stadiums, and events.

SUVs, ice cream trucks, food trucks, double-decker buses, and even standard mobile billboards are transformed into creative Mobile Billboards via the integration of props, 3D sculptures, and custom enhancements.

We’re finding that with all the prevalence electric vehicles the interest in utilizing SUVs, trucks, and cars as a form of outdoor advertising around cities are undoubtedly on the rise.

Jump on board with mobile billboards! 

MOBILE BILLBOARD styles and strategies:

Wrapped Vehicles w/ Rooftop Objects

This approach includes a vehicle custom vinyl wrap and a branded item, ranging from standard two-sided signs to custom 3D versions of products, installed on the roof. 

The benefit of Wrapped Vehicles w/ Rooftop Objects is that they can easily maneuver and park throughout cities (unlike large billboard trucks), plus often generate organic consumer social media posts.

Traditional Mobile Billboard

Traditional Mobile Billboards are the most common form of mobile billboard advertising.

To create a noticeable and unique presence traditional mobile billboards should enhance them with 3D props or other forms of experiential advertising.

Note that many cities ban or restrict traditional mobile billboard trucks, such as in Manhattan, advertising so best to inquiry prior to planning a concept around this form.

Mobile Advertising Installation

Mobile Advertising Installation surrounds leveraging a variety of vehicles (e.g. vans, delivery trucks, etc.) as a way to bring an hand-painted murals or custom brand installations to the public. 

Mobile Advertising Murals can consist of a hand-painted billboard on the side of a truck to a vehicle wheat-pasted with advertising posters to more intricate concepts.

Mobile Popup Shop Examples

Amtrak Creative Mobile Billboard Advertising Example - Orlando, FL

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MINI Cooper Reverse-Clean Street Art Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising Example - Venice Beach, CA

Mini Cooper

Digital LED Rooftop Mobile Billboard - New York City

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