Benetton Brand Activism Guerilla Marketing Banner Advertising - Times Square, New York City
Get Out The Vote Brand Activism Company Example - Boston
Zoe Leonard Wheatpaste Paper Brand Installation - The High Line, New York City
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Santander Bank Social Impact Brand Activism Initiative Street Marketing Event Activation - Copley Square, Boston

Brand Activism and Why It's The Future

People expect brands to stand for something greater than themselves

Brand activism attracts people and creates everlasting relationships 

Making the world a better place benefits your brand, customers, and society 

Create content, community, and conversation with strategic brand activism

Brand activism marketing is the new competitive advantage


What is brand activism marketing?

Brand activism brings your company's social values, beliefs, and causes to life in ways that create positive change in the world.

Sharing your brand's authentic vision of economic, environmental, equality, and other issues affecting communities attracts people aligned with your company's values.

Research uncovered nearly two out of three people are belief driven buyers; they choose, switch, and avoid a brand based on its stand on societal issues and their civic engagement.

Moreover, once people are aware of your social contribution, they often become brand advocates. 

Brand activism is often cited as social advocacy, cause marketing, social action, or socially responsible marketing by individual companies or agencies, but it is more than that.  

Brand activism is a window into what you and your team hopes for our future.

Together, let's inspire people to join your brand's efforts to bring awareness and make positive changes.

Brand activism marketing can be in many forms - from a street team food distribution activation bringing light nutritional injustice to sponsoring local artists to paint murals addressing climate change.

The most effective brand actions socially engage people both in the real world and digitally.

Experiential brand activism is realized via street activations, event marketing, outdoor advertising, protest marches, fundraising, community outreach, posters, mobile tours, and many other approaches that directly impact people and culture. 

Note, it can either be a guerilla activation, implemented without permission, or activated through official channels. 

Companies, nonprofits, B-corps, influencers, and even cities can start brand activism initiatives as they are all considered brands in their own right.

Social activism benefits all aspects of your company; brand perception, employee retention, content creation, customer lifetime value, community engagement, news coverage, and product sales.

Purpose-driven marketing is a way to have a real impact on society while creating lifelong bonds with the public.

Many brands focus their brand activism efforts around specific events (e.g., elections, global conferences, holidays, etc.) to maximize reach and impact. 

Although smart companies create a social action plan to reach and impact throughout the entirety of the year.

It is essential to be proactive and physically act on your social values. 

Ideally, your brand activism offers ways for people to amplify and contribute to the cause.

It's proven, people align themselves with brands with social missions they support.

In turn, making the world a better place is essential for your company and everyone else.


ALT TERRAIN supports brand activism with the following services:


1.) Ideas on how to bring your brand beliefs to life in impactful ways

2.) Where and when to reach your ideal audience

3.) Location scouting and permitting

4.) Asset production (e.g., signage, props, outfits, etc.)

5.) Activation staff aligned with you social actions

6.) Transport, setup, activation, management, and breakdown

7.) Real-time brand activism content for social media 

8.) Measurement and analysis to continually improve your impact 


Brand activism activation agency services are available in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Miami, and many other cities.

Contact ALT TERRAIN for more brand activism activation ideas, strategies, pricing, and company examples.

Shape the future!



Brand Activism Marketing FAQ

Brand activism marketing is defined as company activities, internally and externally, focused on making a positive change in society.

It is steeped in a brand's beliefs and invites the public to support the cause.

It takes on many forms, often physical, with digital integrations.

The goal of brand activism is to realize a change in society for the betterment of your company, customers, and society.

The top 10 brand activism causes we see are:

1.) Global warming

2.) Human rights

3.) Poverty

4.) Education 

5.) Food insecurity

6.) Discrimination

7.) Healthcare

8.) Government regulation

9.) Immigration

10.) Social justice

Brand activism strategy is the how, when, where you bring change to the societal causes you support.

Your strategy, ideally, encompasses experiential, digital, and social media marketing.

Strategies often include patterning up with nonprofits, municipalities, and other brands.

One of the important elements of your strategy is to create ways for the public to join your cause.

Brand Activism Examples

Santander Bank Cause Marketing Brand Installation Event Marketing Activation Permit - Copley Square, Boston


Benetton Brand Activism Marketing Activation UnHate Campaign - New York City


DoubleTree Brand Activism US Citizens Naturalization Sweet Welcome Experiential Event