field marketing product sampling CPG activation
Dog food field marketing team activation - Austin, TX
Supermarket Seafood Field Marketing Product Sampling Company Example - Chicago, Il
Darigold CPG Cheese Field Marketing Event Activation - Seattle, WA
Field Marketing Activation Diary Company - Seattle, WA
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Local Community Event Brand Ambassador Team Marketing - Portland, OR
Beach Festival Field Marketing Brand Sampling Team - Revere, MA
field marketing product sampling CPG activation
Dog food field marketing team activation - Austin, TX
Supermarket Seafood Product Sampling - Chicago, Il
Darigold CPG Cheese Field Marketing Event Activation - Seattle, WA
Field Marketing Activation Diary Company - Seattle, WA
community event concert marketing activation prize wheel
Local Community Event Brand Ambassador Team Marketing - Portland, OR
Beach Festival Field Marketing Brand Sampling Team - Revere, MA
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FIELD MARKETING and Why It's Essential

Engage your audience and grow your brand with field marketing

Activate at festivals, stadiums, supermarkets, and community events

Put your brand in people's hands, hearts, and minds 

Match your field marketing activities with the lifestyles of ideal customers

Engage families with young children in suburban areas 

Utilize social media to capture genuine customer testimonials

Collect first-party data and track brand marketing KPIs

Field Marketing: What You Need To Know

In field marketing, you interact directly with potential customers at supermarkets, festivals, and other venues. This proven strategy is used by CPG brands, community banks, hospitals, and many other businesses to cultivate genuine connections, generate trials, and expand their customer base. Whether it's on the streets of New York City or the malls of Orange County, field marketing is a proven marketing tactic.

Person-to-Person Marketing: A Powerful Brand Demand Strategy

With the right timing and location, person-to-person marketing is a powerful tool for driving brand demand. During field marketing campaigns, your team engages people with meaningful conversations, samples, and swag. Field marketing converts people into customers and often brand advocates.  

Unveiling Valuable Insights

As well as generating sales, field marketing teams can provide valuable consumer insights. Interactions with potential customers provide a direct line into their brand preferences, needs, and feedback. Your marketing strategies, product offerings, and customer satisfaction is often improved from real-world interactions with the public.  

Beyond Supermarkets and Festivals: A World of Opportunities

Field marketing activations extend beyond traditional venues like supermarkets and festivals. They can be found at 5K races, stadiums, zoos, park movie nights, and cultural celebrations, allowing brands to reach a diverse audience across various demographics.

A Well-Trained and Equipped Team

Successful field marketing teams include well-trained and enthusiastic brand ambassadors. They are equipped with uniforms, conversation guides, activities, and props to professionally represent a brand and give people positive experiences. 

Behind-the-Scenes Logistics: Ensuring a Smooth Operation

Every successful field marketing activation is supported by a team of production assistants and producers who handle logistics. This includes event preparation, inventory management, transportation, and maintenance, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Exploring Brand Opportunities in Major Cities

There are many opportunities for field marketing activations in large cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, and Seattle, as they host numerous weekend events with high foot traffic. Field marketing comes to life in the suburbs at festivals, malls, and supermarkets.

Event and Venue Inclusion Fees

Depending on the location and attendance, event and venue inclusion fees for field marketing activations typically range from $500 to $2,500 per day. 

The Power of Field Marketing: Growth Through Customer Acquisition

A primary function of field marketing is to help brands reach new audiences and convert them into customers. Person-to-person outreach is a crucial part of business growth, allowing companies to establish a strong presence in their target cities and expand their customer base.

Field Marketing Services: A Comprehensive Approach

As part of our field marketing package, we provide the following services:

  1. Goal-Oriented Strategy Development: Our field marketing strategies are tailored to your business objectives.

  2. Creative and Engaging Ideas: We'll capture people's attention and keep your customers engaged.

  3. Design and Production of Marketing Assets: We design and produce all field marketing assets, from outfitting to exaggerated props to interactive activities.

  4. Local Opportunity Exploration and Application: Our team identifies suitable local events and handles application processes.

  5. Field Marketing Team Staffing and Training: For effective brand representation, we assemble and train skilled field marketing teams.

  6. Event Asset Management and Installation: Transport, installation, and maintenance of all event assets are handled by us.

  7. Field Marketing Program Activation and Management: Our team manages the entire field marketing program, ensuring smooth and successful execution.

  8. Real-Time Social Media Content Sharing: We provide real-time content for your social media team to amplify your field marketing activities.

  9. Field Marketing Impact Measurement: Our team measures the effectiveness of your field marketing campaigns against your predetermined KPIs.

Field Marketing CPG Activation 2

Benefits of Field Marketing 

Raising Brand Awareness:
 Field marketing helps establish your brand's presence in new markets or reinforce your position in existing ones. By directly engaging with potential customers in their local communities, you create a lasting impression and raise awareness of your brand's offerings. Field marketing activation is a potent tool for brands introducing themselves to new markets.

Face-to-Face Interactions with Prospects and Customers: Field marketing provides a unique opportunity to interact with potential customers and existing ones on a personal level. These face-to-face conversations allow you to address their needs, answer their questions, and showcase your brand's value.

Demonstrating the Impact of Your Brand: Field marketing fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for your brand. By providing hands-on experiences with your products or services, you allow potential customers to experience the benefits firsthand, leading to increased brand loyalty and advocacy.

Producing Unique Social Media Content: Field marketing activations serve as a rich source of engaging content for your social media channels. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, customer interactions, and event highlights to amplify your brand's reach and generate online buzz.

Creating Goodwill: Participating in local events demonstrates your commitment to community and social responsibility, strengthening your brand's reputation.

Cultivating Lifelong Customers and Brand Advocates: Successful field marketing initiatives convert prospects into loyal customers who continue to purchase your products or services and become passionate advocates for your brand.

Generating Onsite Sales: Field marketing activations can directly drive sales, especially when product sampling or demonstrations are involved. Potential customers can experience the benefits firsthand, leading to immediate purchases and increased brand awareness.

Enhancing Your Sponsorship: Field marketing reinforces you event sponsorship. People seeing your brand logo associated with an event is good, but showing up and engaging is even better.


Field Marketing Reach


Field marketing activations can be executed in major metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as mid-sized cities like Pittsburgh and Baltimore, and college-centric towns like Gainesville and Ann Arbor.


Field Marketing CPG Brand Activation Summer Film Festival - Millennium Park Chicago
Onboarding & Activation 


1.) Initiate the Process: Share your brand's objectives, target cities, and any creative concepts you want to explore.

2.) Receive Expert Guidance: Our team will carefully assess your requirements and provide tailored recommendations for each city.

3.) Formalize Collaboration: Approve the proposed field marketing initiative and enter into a contract to bring your vision to life.

4.) Kickstart Planning: Begin the planning phase, including event applications and production, at least four weeks before the first activation day.

5.) Empower Your Team: Provide comprehensive training on brand guidelines and field marketing strategies.

6.) Execute and Measure: Launch your field marketing activations, meticulously capturing documentation and performance metrics.

7.) Gather Insights: Receive a comprehensive recap with detailed photos, key learnings, and actionable recommendations for future campaigns.


Field Marketing Takeaways


Field marketing is an invaluable tool for brands seeking to elevate their visibility, foster trust, cultivate relationships, and drive conversions.

It is a highly effective marketing strategy for generating demand for consumer packaged goods and services.

Field marketing campaigns can be successfully executed across the nation.


Petco Field Marketing Sampling Team - Los Angeles, CA



Visit Connect to share your ideas and goals for a complimentary field marketing plan


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Field Marketing FAQ

Field marketing is person-to-person brand promotion at supermarkets, festivals, and local venues with the aim of converting people into customers.

Field marketing introduces your brand to people, shares your story, drives engagement, creates content, and achieves market share.

It is a tried-and-true marketing tactic used by small and big companies. 

Field marketing ranges from $750 to $10,000 per day, depending on the size and scope of your setup, team, production, transportation, and number of event days. 

Field marketing is super effective for raising brand awareness, engagement, content, goodwill, and sales.

Here are 5 more reasons why field marketing is effective:

  • It's a continual source of new customers for your brand.
  • Align your brand with people's lifestyles and interests.
  • Shows people first-hand how your brand is relevant to their lives.
  • Participating in local events creates brand goodwill.
  • Field marketing is sustainable growth marketing.

Field Marketing Activation Examples

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De Wafelbakkers

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